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Romero and McGee collaborate on game

That's George Romero. As in Day of the Dead. Oh yes. Say hello to City of the Dead - it'll probably never die.

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American McGee is set to collaborate with the horrible George Romero on a new project called City of the Dead, the veteran game developer has mentioned in his latest journal update this week.

Says McGee, City of the Dead is a concept developed by Romero in the vein of his renowned thrillers, including Dawn of the Dead. The game is in development at Asylum Entertainment (they of Curse: The Eye of Isis sort-of fame), and McGee's company tmiec is apparently lending a hand.

The project, dubbed "the goriest game ever made" by McGee, is currently looking for a publisher. "We hope to bruise a few psyches with this one," he joked (or we hope he joked). "Romero himself would be happy to be involved in the development," he says to any publishers in the audience, adding that he would be available too.

For now though, you'll have to limit yourself to the excitement of concept artwork, which resembles a four-player hackandslash, and can be found on the journal page itself, and which has already made it onto our desktops...

Coincidentally, a bloke with a chainsaw just walked past our window. No joke. We're a bit scared now.

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