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Activision's Game Stars line-up

Star Wars: Battlefront, Tony Hawk's Underground 2, X-Men Legends, Shark Tale, Spider-Man 2, Doom III, Shrek 2. Them lot.

Clearly not content to be left out, little old Activision has also unveiled a healthy range of Game Stars Live bound titles, and will be showing off a couple of its recent critically acclaimed chart-toppers at the same time. And Shrek 2.

Heading up the list of things-you-haven't-played-and-find-exciting - both alphabetically and in terms of prestige - would be Pandemic Studios' eagerly awaited Star Wars: Battlefront, very much a Battlefield 1942 for Star Wars fans, which will be on display. The full game's due out on PS2, Xbox and PC later this year.

Meanwhile, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is probably destined to be more popular among the rank and file attendees, so expect to see lots of baggy trousers, ankle-length key chains and exposed shins if you happen by that area of the company's stand this week. You can also expect to see whatever Neversoft's decided will take the series forward this year. The full game's due on PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC and GBA.

X-Men Legends will also be there, and we're hoping that it'll follow Spider-Man 2's good example and help develop interactive superheroism into the artform it clearly deserves to be. On PS2, Xbox and Cube. Speaking of Spidey 2, you can also use GSL to get your first go on that if you weren't excited about it at the time - and Doom III will also be loitering around tucked into an over-18s-only section of the stand.

Oh, and if you're taking the kids (was your missus fooled by that, incidentally?), Shark Tale might well be worth parking them in front of - assuming they're into CG animated Pixar-esque celebrity-thons that look a bit like Finding Nemo? They are? There's a surprise.

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