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New video footage on Pikmin 2 website

Along with quirky tunes, cute desktop wallpaper and the like.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo of America has launched an official website for Pikmin 2, highlighting the fact that the game is due out in the States this August 30th and giving you the chance to see some new footage of the game in action.

Apart from an intro movie, which itself features around a minute of in-game footage, the "Gameplay Videos" section of the website also plays host to a Story movie and one showcasing the two-player battle mode, one of Pikmin 2's biggest changes.

Both are quite small, streaming affairs that run in browser windows, and they were both noisy enough to scare small children frolicking nearby - or rather, force them to crowd around the PC dripping buttery toast onto our keyboards. Teleworking has its ups and downs.

And if you can't be bothered with movies, you may well prefer the desktop wallpapers and "buddy icons" available in another section of the same website. Pikmin 2 is due out here, since you asked nicely (and didn't just crowd in screaming excitedly and dripping crap all over our keyboards), on October 8th by current reckoning.

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