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Two-minute Worms Forts trailer

You'll believe a hamster can fly. And explode.

Sega has released a new two-minute trailer for Worms Forts Under Siege, featuring around 90 seconds of in-game footage showing off the new fort-versus-fort approach to worming - and a significant number of the game's 30 showpiece weapons.

You can download the 11MB trailer from Eurofiles here, along with a two-map single and multiplayer demo that came out last week, which can be had be clicking on these words 'ere.

The full game is currently due out in September on PC, Xbox and PS2 according to the new trailer, with PC and Xbox versions benefiting from online multiplayer modes. You can read more about Worms Forts in our previous impressions piece, and we hope to be spending a bit more time with it in the future, too.

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