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Mario Party 6 to use mic peripheral

Why not a Bob peripheral, eh?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mario Party 6 will be a bit more conventional than Nintendo has previously implied, judging by reports that surfaced overnight, although it will make use of a proprietary microphone peripheral Nintendo plans to launch to coincide with the game's US' release.

The "Nintendo GameCube Mic." will be bundled with MP6 when it launches Stateside on December 6th, and will feature in a separate "microphone mode" where players will use the mic to answer quiz questions.

Although Nintendo has curiously failed to make any screenshots of the game available at the time of writing, we also know that the traditional board game mdoe will benefit from a new day-and-night system that changes the layout, and that the transition between board and mini-game sections has been speeded up.

Mario Party 6 has yet to receive a concrete European release date, although we'll be sure to let you know when that changes.

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