Mario Party 6

Mario Party 6

Mario Party 6

No jelly, no ice cream, no point.

Yes, they've gone and done another one. And as you could probably guess without us telling you, Mario Party 6 features yet more-mini games starring the plucky plumber and chums, with more coins to earn, more power-ups to collect and more game boards to make your way around.

So what's new? Well, for starters, the game has a day and night theme and features two new characters - Brighton the sun and Twila the moon - who've had some massive fight about who's the hardest.

The ever-resourceful Mario comes up with the brilliant idea of taking all the stars out of the sky, littering a load of game boards with them and then playing through a series of contests to win back the stars and thus, for reasons we don't quite understand, ending the feud.

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