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Prince of Persia 2 name revealed, new trailer

Sony and Nintendo, perhaps unwittingly, reveal what everyone believes is the real name for Prince of Persia 2. Meanwhile, we get hold of a new trailer, which is on Eurofiles now.

Although Ubisoft has yet to confirm it as such, both Sony and Nintendo's American offices seem to have had no qualms about letting slip the real title of Prince of Persia 2 this week, although in Sony's case at least it had the decency to scrub the title off its website before too many people noticed.

That title, since you're wondering, is Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It originally appeared on Sony's American website product page for the game Ubi still refers to as Prince of Persia 2, but was hastily removed once a few people spotted it. When asked about the name change, Ubisoft UK did not respond to a request for comment.

However now it seems the secret is out, after Nintendo of America named the game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on its autumn/winter GameCube line-up issued to US journalists overnight. Meanwhile there are other reports that European box art has snuck out bearing the same name.

And so it seems we finally know. Which gives us a chance to concentrate on the game, which is certainly playing up the 'Warrior' angle with its mangle-tastic new combat system, but encouragingly there's also lots of evidence of traditional ape-like swinging, ledge-walking and other platforming in a new trailer we've gotten hold of today - mirrored on Eurofiles here.

We hope to bring you more on Prince of Persia 2 - sorry, Warrior Within - as we close in on its November release date for PS2, Xbox, Cube and PC.