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Battlefield Vietnam World War II mod released

DICE shows off how powerful the Battlefield Vietnam engine is by transplanting a lot of 1942 content - and making it look ten times better in the process.

Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE have released a World War II modification for Battlefield Vietnam, effectively transplanting the sort of gameplay we had in Battlefield 1942 into the more advanced Vietnam engine.

"EA approached us with the idea, and DICE agreed that bringing some Battlefield 1942 content up to par with Battlefield Vietnam would be a great way to show the modding community just how powerful the BFV engine is," a spokesperson for DICE commented in a short interview on the subject on EA's website.

"After realizing the kind of impact the overgrowth system in BFV had on the gameplay, everyone in the studio began imagining how cool some of the original BF1942 levels would look and play. The Pacific maps really show off the improvements in visual quality and level design potential that the new rendering engine and overgrowth systems provide," he added.

Apparently the World War II mod has been in development since April, and is now available to download from the EA Games website here. It's around 298MB for the client files and 20MB for the server.

You can also find the rest of the WWII mod Q&A on that page, including a stack of before-and-after screenshots that give you an idea how the Battlefield Vietnam tech has been put to use in bringing Battlefield 1942 back to life in stunning fashion.