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More Half-Life 2 videos

On Eurofiles now: the Tenements and Ravenholm trailers based on Valve's E3 presentations. You've seen the shaky versions; now watch the proper Bink releases.

Valve has released a pair of new Half-Life 2 videos based on its E3 presentations this May. 'Tenements' and 'Ravenholm' are both available from Eurofiles at the, er, locations we just linked.

The first of them, Tenements, shows a rather dilapidated-looking residential block in City 17, which is being continuously raided by the city's ubiquitous white-masked forces of oppression. Doors are kicked in, blue-suited citizens moan about the lack of privacy and eventually Gordon heads upstairs to find himself mysteriously ushered into an apartment. Tenements is a good study of the character modelling, but it's not as exciting as some of the other videos we've seen. Still, if you can spare 97MB...

Ravenholm, on the other hand, has Gordon doing what we love to see him doing - picking up inanimate objects and using his gravity gun thingum to eviscerate zombified enemies with them. The physics and effects are gorgeous - from the severed legs swinging from a tree and the circular saw blades scything off heads, to the flames that quickly engulf when he hurls barrels full of flammable liquids up against the wall. At 200MB it's going to take a bit longer to download, but it should be worth it.

Expect to see more Half-Life 2 videos in the coming weeks as Valve marches steadily towards the project's completion...

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