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Namco's Star Fox game delayed

Star Fox appears to have been delayed until 2005, following reports quoting insiders and its omission from Nintendo Europe's Christmas schedule.

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Namco's Star Fox game will not be released anywhere in 2004, according to reports. A story on IGN this week quotes "insiders" who claim that the previous November target has now been scratched in favour of something in 2005.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of Europe's Christmas release schedule, released to the press today, makes no mention of the title, virtually confirming what Nintendo of America reps characterised as rumour and speculation this week.

Star Fox, in development for GameCube at Namco and Nintendo, features classic Arwing shoot-'em-up action with a new focus on multiplayer, and has appeared in playable form at the last couple of E3 trade shows.

Nintendo has so far been unwilling to comment directly on the report, with a spokesperson for the US reeling off the usual "Nintendo does not comment on rumours or speculation" line, while our contacts on this side of the Atlantic have been unable to comment so far.

If true, however, it leaves Nintendo's winter schedule looking a bit less exciting, with Geist already having disappeared into 2005. Metroid Prime 2 ought to bring us a bit of joy, and likewise Paper Mario 2 and Pikmin 2, but games like The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure and Donkey Konga are unlikely to "win Christmas" for the Japanese giant.

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