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Viewtiful Joe 2 gets US release date

On both PS2 and Cube. Should be a very sweary Christmas by the sound of it.

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Capcom in the States has confirmed an official release date for Viewtiful Joe 2, having previously listed the quirkily innovative 2D scrolling beat-'em-up as "fall 2004". According to reports, those of you in the US will be able to pick it up from November 23rd onward on both PS2 and GameCube - and we'd imagine importers will do a fair trade in the latter version in particular. From us if no one else.

Europe is still something of a question mark, however. Capcom Eurosoft lists the game as "spring 2005". That said, Cube owners with FreeLoaders shouldn't have to worry too much - and PS2 owners will have enough trouble getting through the expanded original Viewtiful Joe - now featuring Dante from Devil May Cry as an unlockable character - when that's released over here on October 22nd.

Check back soon for more on the PS2 Viewtiful Joe, and you can see what we think of VJ2 so far by checking out our extensive first impressions of the title here. We also have a trailer and some PS2 and Cube screenshots, which you can find at, er, those pages we just linked. Damn Internet.

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