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Brothers In Arms repelled until 2005

Gearbox FPS will never surrender to mad Christmas rush tactics, it seems, although Ubi is keeping quiet about why the game's no longer on its line-up for 2004.

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Gearbox Software's ambitious World War II first-person shooter Brothers In Arms will not be released this year, publisher Ubisoft reportedly told sections of the media at a Paris press even this week, despite sending out a release schedule last Monday indicating that it would.

According to reports, the game is now due in "early 2005," and will launch simultaneously on PC, Xbox and PS2. No reason for the delay has been given, but the publisher apparently declined to comment on speculation that the delay was due to development issues with the PS2 version.

Equally probable however is the possibility that Ubisoft has learnt from its experience during the last Christmas rush, and is streamlining its already strong festive line-up to make sure games like Prince Of Persia 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory get their just rewards - leaving the likes of Brothers In Arms to do likewise next year.

And by all accounts it stands every chance of doing just that. As you can see from a trailer released recently (details, download link), it's more than your average run-and-gun shooter, mixing squad tactics and genuine authenticity to great effect.

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