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CMR2005 single-player demo released

Codemasters gives us a taste of this year's Colin McRae outing with three cars and three stages. Plus: details on the forthcoming PS2 and Xbox demos.

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Codemasters sends word that you can now download a single-player PC demo of Colin McRae Rally 2005 from its website ahead of the game's launch next month. The Britsoft publisher also tells us that PS2 and Xbox demos will appear on the coverdisks of both formats' official UK publications on September 9th and 6th respectively.

The 284MB PC demo, available here, consists of three stages picked from the 300+ that will apparently make up the full game, including one set in Germany - a new addition to the Colin McRae Rally series. You'll also get three cars to chuck around them - a Peugeot 206, a Toyota Celica GT-FOUR and a Lancia Stratos, and Codies confirms that you'll be able to trash them to bits if you're that way inclined.

The full game is due to launch on PS2, Xbox and PC next month on September 24th as the Christmas rush kicks into gear, and we can also expect to see a multiplayer demo released at some point between now and then.

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