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HMV details tonight's Black Ops launch

Opening 70 shops, giving out prezzies.

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HMV will also be opening shops up and down the country tonight to sell the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops.

GAME - the UK's biggest videogame shop-chain - has already outed its plans.

HMV is flaunting the bargain £7.99 tag for Black Ops when you trade-in none other than rival shooter Medal of Honor.

A total of 70 stores will open tonight to welcome Activision and Treyarch's new creation. The central point of HMV's operation will be at HQ on Oxford Street, London. There there'll be "a range of promotional launch activities", such as the first 200 people getting a free strategy guide with their game. The first 500, meanwhile, will be given a t-shirt and midnight opening bag - plus automatic entry into a prize draw to win a Prestige Edition of Black Ops.

Eurogamer's Call of Duty: Black Ops review will be published first-thing tomorrow morning.

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