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Kinect selling out fast

Big US chains are out of stock.

Microsoft's Kinect system is, as anticipated, selling like gangbusters, with some of the biggest retail chains in the US all out of stock.

According to a report in USA Today, the new motion control gizmo is sold out at Best Buy, Target and GameStop's online stores. Amazon.com isn't taking any more orders either, though you can still grab it bundled with a console.

WalMart apparently has a few left, but a spokesperson warned, "there is going to be very high demand for these products. We will continue to restock throughout the season."

Best Buy's Chris Homeister aded "We've seen a tremendous amount of excitement and demand for [Kinect] and saw lines at our midnight openings around the country. We are currently sold out online, but we continue to work with Microsoft to obtain product shipments now and throughout the holiday season."

Earlier this week, Microsoft changed its sales expectations to five million shifted before Christmas, up from three million.

Sony has a similar goal for its Move controller and has got off to a solid start. It's sold around 2.5 million units since it arrived on the scene last month.

Kinect launches in Europe on 10th November. A spokesperson for HMV told Eurogamer it expected stock to be "tight".