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Ubisoft debunks PC AC: Brotherhood date

Has someone been telling Febs?

Don't believe the 11th February 2011 date given to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on PC. That ShopTo telly advert hasn't been finalised yet.

From the Ubisoft mouth, Eurogamer heard: "We have not announced a release date for the PC version and this video has not been approved by Ubisoft."

Even ShopTo admitted the error, telling Eurogamer the video was a pilot and any date mentioned would need checking with Ubisoft.

The video was posted on That VideoGame Blog. As it ends, a picture of the boxed game beside a prominent ShopTo logo spouts the 19th November console (PS3, Xbox 360) date as well as an 11th February 2011 PC date - complete with unqualified asterisk.

The most recent Ubisoft release schedule - sent out today - declares Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC a Q1 2011 title.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood famously introduces multiplayer to the series. You could have tried it at the Eurogamer Expo 2011 had you gone.

But there's much more to Brotherhood than that. There's a story about Ezio building his own Brotherhood of assassin's and leading them to glory. What this means is more sandbox gameplay, albeit done in a way that pulls on the series' strengths: the running, the jumping, the exploration.

Tom Bramwell is reviewing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for Eurogamer. He's testing it right now - he has a big smile on his face. He'll deliver the Eurogamer verdict on Tuesday.

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