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Bungie wants alpha testers for new IP

"Not all who enlist will be selected."

Bungie has issued a call for volunteers to step forward for alpha and beta tests of its unannounced new game.

A post on its official site reads, "Making great games is no small endeavor. Today we ask you, our community, to officially put your name on the list of those willing to lend a helping hand.

"Service requires only a Bungie.net account and a valid email address. In exchange, we're offering you the unique opportunity to help us continue making improvements to our playlists, features, and online community... and the potential to help us shape our glorious future.

"Not all who enlist will be selected," the post continues. "But hundreds of thousands of gamers will likely be needed before all is said and done. March with us, and together, we will bask in the glory of World Domination."

Potential tasks will apparently include "playtests and usability testing at Bungie" and "alpha and beta testing for our next game".

We can't imagine that there'll be much of a rush but in case that sounds like something you might be interested in you'll need to sign into your Bungie.net profile and then navigate to your Profile Page.

Once there, select the "Edit Profile" tab and click on the "Profile Info" option. Check the box for "Updates on how to become a Bungie Beta Tester." Make sure your email status is "Valid/Active", ensure your country and state information are correct, then click "save".

Very little is known about Bungie's first post-Halo game, other than that Activision will publish it. However, rumours persist that it could be an MMO.

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