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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Introducing: Eurogamer Asks

Our new TV show needs you.

We're launching a new video series on Monday. It's called Eurogamer Asks – and what we ask is up to you.

We'll investigate the issues, topic and themes you want to know about. And it could be anything to do with games. How is a videogame pitched? Are independent games stores doomed? Are second-hand games really damaging the industry?

Is there a cancelled game you want exhumed? A dead development studio whose story needs telling? A long-lost industry figure to track down? And what's that hidden under Peter Molyneux's bed?

Alright, not the last one (unless you'll have us over for the night, Peter?) But if it's a great idea and practical for us to pursue, then we're all over it.

It's exciting for us because we literally won't know what we'll be investigating from week to week until you tell us. Our promise to you is that we'll do everything within our power, bang on as many doors, comb through as many metaphorical bins and skim-read as many Wikipedia entries as it takes to get to The Truth.

Why are we doing this? We spent the best part of a year researching, filming and producing our series, The Videogames Election, in which we investigated a wide range of topics, from the industry's relationship with Government and the age-ratings debate, to gaming's role in education and how technology is being used to help the disabled.

We want to do more of this, more regularly, covering the stuff you're interested in. To kick things off, on Monday we'll be launching the series with our own poser: is your home Kinect-ready?

How well does Microsoft's space-gobbling "magical" sensor perform in the average home? To find out we tested it in the homes of Eurogamer staff – and the results were – SPOILER WARNING – 'mixed'.

Like life in general, we've absolutely no idea what we're doing next, and that's where you come in.

So if there's something you'd like us to look into for a future episode, drop us a line at eurogamerasks@eurogamer.net or pop your idea in the comments thread below.

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