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Octopus: Move will outsell Kinect at Xmas

Legs consider the evidence.

Who would you trust - an analyst or an octopus? Because Ollie the psychic octopus reckons Move will outsell Kinect this Christmas.

That's Ollie, not Paul. Paul was the octopus that correctly predicted the outcome of Germany's (and other teams') World Cup matches this summer. He died.

Ollie is Paul's cousin, and therefore psychic by association - although it's unclear what Ollie's track record is in predictions. Mind you, Ollie and Paul shared a tank when they were young. But Paul left Weymouth Sea Life Centre and his cousin behind when he dared to dream big and shipped out to Germany in search of fame and fortune. Alone, Ollie went to Blackpool.

There Ollie worked on his craft, picking between various boxes all stuffed with mackerel, his favourite food. His cousin Paul preferred mussels to fuel his predictions.

Online shopping comparison website Kelkoo tracked Ollie down to ask him about the fortunes of Move and Kinect this Christmas. Kelkoo videoed Ollie's performance.

It seems a little fishy that the Move box was the one dangled closest to Ollie when the two containers (both see-through and labelled) were submerged.

Incidentally, Kelkoo paid for Ollie's involvement by making a donation to the Earth Sea Sky charity, which protects wildlife on the Greek Ionian islands - particularly turtles.

Ollie's prediction goes against the popular consensus that Kinect will sell big and sell fast, whereas Move will rack up support slowly but consistently. Even Sony's backed such an outcome, as Microsoft throws fists full of dollars at making sure everyone knows about Kinect this Christmas - hiring out the entire New York Times Square for the US launch can't have been cheap.

Ollie predicts.
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