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Super Meat Boy PC dated

Do you have headcrabs?

Masochistic platformer Super Meat Boy will release for PC on 30th November, creator Team Meat's announced.

The Steam edition will come with an exclusive playable character: the Headcrab from Half-Life.

"We asked Valve about this almost half joking and they were totally down," said the developer. "(We LOVE Steam...like...a lot. MS is the hot chick you hook up with, Steam is the girl you spend your life with). The Headcrab will replace Gish as the 1st unlockable bandage character. Much like Gish, he will stick to walls but also have more horizontal jumping power as a head crab should.

"Some of you (trolls) may be thinking, 'HAY HEADCRAB ISNT INDIE, F*** YOU SELLOUT A**HOLES,' Well... I dare you to turn down a Headcrab. They are adorable."

Those who buy the game from non-Steam sources get a Goo Ball from World of Goo!.

While we're on the subject of Super Meat Boy, know this: on 21st November the XBLA version will return to its natural price of 1200 MS Points from the 800 MS Points it's currently going for.

Why should you care? That's why.

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Super Meat Boy

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