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Killzone 3 beta open to all PS Plus subs

Plus, 25% off PlayTV Upgrade.

Sony's opened up the Killzone 3 beta to all European PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Previously it was exclusively available to PlayStation Plus subscribers who were sent a voucher code.

Now though, the beta is available to subscribers to download from the PlayStation Plus section of the PS Store – no need for emails or vouchers.

Meanwhile, Sony detailed more PlayStation Subscriber deals to take you through to December.

Starting today subscribers will receive an exclusive 20 per cent day one discount on THQ's open world smash-em-up Red Faction: Guerrilla.

There will also be 20 per cent off of Crazy Taxi when it's released, and a buy one get one free offer on the minis games Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess and Who's That Flying?!

Oh, and remember that £6.29 Live Chat Upgrade for PlayTV? Plus members get an exclusive 25 per cent off.