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Spelunker HD mines PSN date

Remake of rock-hard Atari gem due soon.

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Hands up if you remember Spelunker. No? Chances are you either weren't born when it came out back in the early '80s, or you've suppressed the memory thanks to its brutal, merciless difficulty.

Well, it's back. Irem's HD remake of the notorious platformer arrives on PlayStation Network in the US on 23rd November, priced $9.99. No European date or price has been confirmed yet.

There's 100 all-new stages across 10 worlds, multiple difficulty levels and online play for up to six gamers. Take a look at the trailer below for more details.

The original Spelunker came out in 1983 on the Atari 400, before being ported to pretty much every format under the sun.

It's hero is possibly the most pathetic creation of all time, keeling over like a pile of month-old cottage cheese after a fall of just a few pixels. The scrolling was borked and the physics were utterly ridiculous too but, y'know, gamers didn't mind that sort of thing back then.

We're not sure how it will stand up in this day and age, mind. Find out for yourself later this month, if you dare.

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