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Rock Band 3 niggles "solved"

Harmonix semibreves again.

Problems you have had on PS3 exporting Rock Band 2 songs to Rock Band 3 have been "solved", Harmonix has told Eurogamer.

"There were intermittent issues this week with code redemption for Rock Band 2 export," a spokesperson for the developer said. "Those issues have now all been resolved.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience."

Anyone still having trouble should go to the Rock Band website for assistance.

Incidentally, The Doors Greatest Hits album should now also work properly with the PS3 version of Rock Band 3. Previously this could be bought but not downloaded. (Thanks, Klaus.)

Rock Band 3 was released last Friday to rapturous applause on Eurogamer, where we awarded the game 10/10.

Unfortunately public enthusiasm was less, much less - Rock Band 3 sold just 7386 copies during its opening UK weekend.

Rock Band 3's not-so-secret-anymore weapon.