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Yun and Yang show off alt costumes

But will they make it to SSFIV on console?

Capcom has released screenshots of the two playable characters added to the roster for the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV.

Yun and Yang, twin brothers first introduced in Street Fighter III: New Generation, are shown in their alternative costumes.

Both are themed around Chinese restaurant employees. Yun is meant to look like a chef, Yang a waiter.

Unfortunately, both Yun and Yang are exclusive to the Japan-exclusive Arcade Edition of the superb fighter – for now.

Last month Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono flew to the US to try to convince his American colleagues to release new characters and balance changes as downloadable content for Super Street Fighter IV.

And in September Ono refused to confirm or deny the possibility of Yun and Yang coming to the console versions of the game.

"In terms of character additions, I don't want to be kicked by the PR," he told Eurogamer.