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Possible PSP2 dev kit images leak

Show trackpad and twin sticks.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Shots of what appear to be a PSP2 dev kit have surfaced.

The grainy images, which you can see over on VG247, clearly show two thumbsticks, as well as the rumoured trackpad on the rear and twin cameras – one facing inwards, one outwards.

The shots, which VG247 promises are the real deal, do not apparently show what the finished handheld will look like.

While the unit pictured has a sliding, PSPgo-like design, a separate source claimed that a more recent kit is also in circulation with a non-sliding block form. Apparently the newer design helps keep the apparently very powerful console from overheating.

Rumours of the PSP2's existence have been flying around for months now. A Mortal Kombat dev boasted being in ownership of one while EA revealed that it had had "exposure" to Sony's new hardware.

Sony is yet to confirm the product's existence.

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