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PSP2 is "iPhone on steroids" - report

Has two cameras, touch screen.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer has learned that the PSP2 can be compared to "iPhone on steroids".

Our informant corroborated what VG247 learned earlier today: that the PSP2 has a touch-screen and two cameras (one facing in, one out).

Eurogamer also understands that the likelihood of PSP2 being at E3 - on public display, at least - is slimmer than Cheryl Cole at an emotional low.

VG247 went on to claim that PSP2 games were in development in Britain right now and are being made with a 2011 release in mind. The PSP2, like the PSPgo, will probably drop physical media.

Digital Foundry revealed last July that the PSP2 will have a quad core PowerVR graphics chip.

Richard Leadbetter also put his knowledge of the PSP2 and DS2 together for a theoretical showdown.

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