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XBLIG devs hail MS dash switch

"We all adore developing for the 360."

Xbox Live Indie Game developers have praised Microsoft for switching the XBLIG channel back to the Games & Demos section of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Microsoft's backtrack followed an outpouring of anger from indie developers incensed that their games were shunted to the Speciality Shops tab away from other Xbox Live releases.

"As a community I'd say we're all very, very happy," Mike Bergenstjerna of MStar Games told Eurogamer.

"There have been some positive noises made about solving other problems too over the last four or five days, including the long-standing stats issue.

"It's just nice to know that there are people listening really - we all adore developing for the 360 and want to carry on, because it's one of the best consumer entertainment devices available in the world with probably the most diverse customer base of any of the three mainstream consoles. Now we've just got to write the games to prove that we're worth it!"

Explosionade and Weapon of Choice creator Nathan Fouts echoed Bergenstjerna's comments.

"Indie Games are now rightly alongside other games once again. For us, trial downloads of Shoot 1UP and Explosionade were down 30-40 per cent while I know other developers were seeing even bigger losses of trials in the Specialty Shop.

"It's great to know that Microsoft is actually listening to independent developers and able to respond to our concerns even while they're mad with phone and full-body controller fever.

"Now, can we get something done about the Avatar art on the cover - can it just be the newest arrivals like every other section? I know...too soon."

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