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Sony: PSPgo price cut an error

Sony websites conflict.

UPDATE: Sony's told GamesIndustry.biz that the price of the PSPgo on its official site is an error. It's not known if Sony will honour sales made at the £129 price, so if you're interested, now may be the time to fork out your hard-earned cash.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony's slashed the price of the embattled PSPgo in the UK once again.

It's knocked £30 off the RRP of the digital-only handheld. Now, it'll set you back 129 pounds.

This latest cut follows last month's price cut, which knocked £65 off the £225 RRP.

Analysts described October's price cut as "too meagre and too late," to Eurogamer. "The UK price reduction is more dramatic, but had to be considering the recent MSRP which was too high in my opinion," M2 Research's Billy Pidgeon told Eurogamer.

"Now that 'sources' have revealed more details regarding PSP2, including a proposed fall 2011 date, it is very unlikely that these prices will clear shelves. PSP will see sharp declines this holiday into Q1 2011 without more aggressive price cuts."

The PSPgo, launched in the west last October, has been a commercial flop for Sony, although some rumours suggest it was an experiment ahead of the much-rumoured PSP2.

In May Sony CFO Bill Glaser called PSP sales "a little bit of a disappointment".

In June Sony launched a new initiative: buy a PSPgo and get 10 free games worth £225.

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