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New Crackdown 2 DLC incoming

Plus, Windows Phone 7 spin-off detailed.

New multiplayer modes are on the way for Crackdown 2, along with a new Windows Phone 7 spin-off, developer Ruffian Games has announced,

The Deluge DLC pack adds a new co-op arcade mode which pits up to four players against increasingly more challenging waves of enemies. You'll also get Capture the Orb which is a standard capture-the-flag mode for up to 16 players.

A trial version of the DLC will be available giving you the complete Capture the Orb mode and a single player version of Deluge for free.

A premium version adds the complete Deluge co-op mode, new achievements and avatar awards, and will set you back 560 Microsoft Points. Both will be available from 16th November.

Let's hope Ruffian's new DLC doesn't break the game this time, eh?

In other Crackdown news, Microsoft has offered a few more details on the recently announced Crackdown Windows Phone 7 tie-in.

Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst is a "home defence" game that sounds rather similar to Fable III: Kingmaker. You use Bing Maps to choose your home territory anywhere in the real world and defend it from an onslaught of Freaks and Cell Terrorists.

Do well in Project Sunburst and you'll unlock bonuses for the Deluge mode, such as rocket-equipped Agency helicopters, extra Peacekeepers and exclusive power-ups.

Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst will be available on Windows Phone 7 later this month.