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Epic confirms Infinity Blade date

It'll take a slice out of your wallet.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Infinity Blade, Epic's Unreal Engine-powered iOS debut, will hit the App Store on 9th December.

The third person slash 'em up, developed by Shadow Complex studio Chair Entertainment, will set US gamers back a relatively hefty $5.99. We're chasing Epic now for a UK price point.

You'll need an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iTouch 3 or iTouch 4 to play.

Chair is promising full Game Center support, various multiplayer modes and additional content to arrive post-launch.

"I love playing Angry Birds and Indie Dev Story but I also love playing something like Infinity Blade," creative director Donald Mustard told Eurogamer last month of its attempt to launch a 'core' game on the App Store. "I'm looking for something like that as a gamer. I hope I'm not alone in that."

Not long to wait until we find out.

Wrap your eyeballs around the launch trailer below for more.

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