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Apple has £46.9 billion in reserve

What couldn't Jobs buy?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

iPhone and iPad maker Apple has more money in reserve than the US government, incredibly - but what will Steve Jobs spend it on?

Apple noted a reserve of £46.9 billion in April; the US government apparently has a reserve of £45.3 billion, according to the US Treasury (via the BBC).

What Steve Jobs' Apple plans to do with such a vast pile of money nobody knows. The popular theory is that this will be a war chest used for strategical acquisitions of other businesses, and to snap up various technology patents.

Presumably a chunk of it will be spent on the new Apple HQ, too.

The question is how will this affect the world of video games? If Apple were to turn its aesthetic gaze upon our world, presumably no company would be out of its buying reach.

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