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HMV opts out of Kinect midnight launch

In-store demos "better show off" device.

Microsoft might compare Kinect's arrival to that of a console, but HMV won't open any shops at midnight to welcome it to the UK next Tuesday.

"We are focusing on in-store demo events rather than midnight launches as we feel these will better show off Kinect's amazing capabilities to the public," HMV explained to Eurogamer.

Those comments arrive moments after GAME confirmed overwhelming support for Kinect's UK launch, promising to open a combined 450 shops at midnight across the country.

With HMV out of the picture, GAME is a cert to be named Microsoft's official UK launch partner later today. The latter told us an announcement was coming soon.

Using our Sherlock Holmes head we can also deduce that GAME on Oxford Street will therefore be the likely target for a special Kinect launch bonanza.

This won't be as spectacular as last night's Times Square, New York Kinect extravaganza, mind you.

Kinect is on sale now in North America, and arrives in the UK and Europe on 10th November.

Kinect Adventures comes bundled with Kinect.
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