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16 Witcher 2 endings claim clarified

Relates to "states of the world".

Polish developer CD Projekt has clarified its claim that PC exclusive role-playing game The Witcher 2 has 16 endings.

When CD Projekt says ending, it means "state of the world", junior designer Jan Bartkowicz told Eurogamer.

"What is an ending?" he said. "In some games the ending is the final cut-scene, the summary. In The Witcher 2, political things are more important than they were in the first one. It's still action-packed and there is the story of Geralt, but it's a broader game. We go to a lot of different places. We see kingdoms clashing. It's more epic in scale.

"If it is that epic and the game is non-linear, then we thought, these choices have to affect how these kingdoms clash.

"We like to say we have 16 states of the world that you have at the end of The Witcher 2. It's not like 16 different cut-scenes. The last chapter, there is a big summary of what you have accomplished in the game. You will get that. You will see results of some early choices from hours of gameplay past.

"There are of course two or three huge differences. But there is a bunch of... I don't like to call them small because sometimes there is a country on the map and sometimes this country is not on the map. But in the scale of The Witcher, sometimes these are the smaller consequences."

In September a slide from a presentation boasting that The Witcher 2 will have a whopping 16 game endings found its way onto the internet. The first game had only three.

What we know for certain is that a single play through of The Witcher 2 will tale "around" the same length of time as it did in the first time "The speed runs are similar," Bartkowicz said.

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