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Wii gets full-size exercise bike

And remote-compatible dumbbells.

Bigben Interactive has unveiled Cyberbike, "The very first videogame that comes with an exercise bike."

It's in development for the Wii, astonishingly. The game involves riding "some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined" around 18 circuits, on land, sea and air.

As you go you'll clean up sources of pollution or something and unlock new accessories. There are three game modes - Fitness, Story and Multiplayer ("Up to four players taking turns.")

Bigben describes the bundled exercise bike as "a genuine innovation". It comes complete with an adjustable saddle and handlebars so the whole family can have a go. What's more, it's compatible with other games too - like Mario Kart, for example. Check out our gallery to see the bike in action.

Or how about My Body Coach? This Wii title will provide you with a personal programme tailored to your age, sex, weight and physical condition. "Famous trainer to Hollywood stars" Valérie Orsoni will track your progress and offer advice. She'll even tell you what to eat.

My Body Coach comes bundled with two 500g dumbbell peripherals which your Wii remotes slot into. Then you can have a go at some muscle strengthening or cardio training, with your every movement tracked by your virtual coach.

Cyberbike will be released in January, while My Body Coach is out on 20th November.