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Sky Player issues down to "demand"

See! It's your fault for being so eager!

Microsoft and Sky have said that problems with Sky Player on Xbox 360 were down to "phenomenal demand" and that the service is now being rolled out bit by bit to stop the whole thing cocking up again.

"Sky Player on Xbox 360 launched on Tuesday 27th October and was met with phenomenal demand, with many tens of thousands of customers attempting to sign up within the first hour of launch," the companies said in a statement.

"Unfortunately due to the unprecedented levels of simultaneous demand, we did not have the capacity to satisfy all service requests and therefore temporarily suspended all access to the service.

"Today, the rollout will be implemented in phases to ensure that consumers experience both a smooth sign-up process and high-quality experience. We apologise to all customers that have not been able to experience Sky Player on Xbox 360, we assure them that this is being rectified and we thank them for their patience."

And there you were thinking all you had to moan about was the extortionate pricing! Silly you.