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Champions Online free this weekend

Blood Moon update out tomorrow.

Cryptic is celebrating Halloween, and the release of its Blood Moon update to Champions Online, by making the superhero MMO free to play for a weekend.

The game will be free to all from 10am Pacific time (5pm in the UK) on Friday 30th October to the same time on Monday 2nd November. You can sign up now for the promotional weekend at the Champions website, and download the game in advance.

Champions subscribers, meanwhile, get to play Blood Moon from tomorrow, 27th October. Blood Moon introduces the new Celestial support and healing powerset and the Zombie Apocalypse player-versus-player map (in which fallen players are resurrected as the enemy), as well as the Blood Moon event itself, in which players will fight undead heroes, werewolves and the undead king Takofanes.

There's more about Blood Moon at the official website and about the game in general at our Champions Online gamepage.

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Champions Online

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