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Free Dragon Age DLC at launch

Added value for legitimate owners.

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BioWare has three lots of downloadable content ready for the 6th November launch of Dragon Age: Origins.

Two out of the three are free, but only to legitimate owners of a sparkly new copy on PC, PS3 or Xbox 360. This 'added value' approach is how BioWare boss Ray Muzyka wants to beat piracy.

The Warden's Keep will be paid-for by most, as only Deluxe Edition owners get this thrown in for nothing. The pay-out is 560 Microsoft Points on 360 and $7 on PC, according to GameSpot. PS3 owners will pay $7 but wait until late November to play.

Inside the Warden's Keep awaits a dungeon-based supernatural storyline, in which six new abilities as well as items and a merchant base-hub can be uncovered.

Of the other two add-ons - free, remember - The Stone Prisoner offers most. Here you gain access to a stone golem party member from the outset; a rock monster with its own storyline and motives for joining the fracas.

The Stone Prisoner costs $15 or 1200 MSP (£10.20/€14.40) normally.

Blood Armour is the final piece of DLC, for now, and adorns you with the eponymous war-suit that is both fancy and protective. Bizarrely, this ensemble can also be imported to Mass Effect 2 for use next year.

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