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EA making Jack the Ripper game

Dead Space dev Visceral at the helm.

EA developer Visceral Games will follow Dante's Inferno with a project based on British serial killer Jack the Ripper.

That's what the LA Times was told by a pair of sources (via VG247) "close to EA".

The report added that Visceral - creator of Dead Space - is working on another unannounced title as well.

Both games will be made without creative director Glen Schofield and chief operating officer Michael Gondry, though, as they have defected to Activision Blizzard where they will establish and run a brand new studio.

Jack the Ripper was the nickname of the notorious British killer who slaughtered prostitutes on the streets of London circa 1888. Probably as a result of all those violent videogames he must have played. Whether we'll play as him or as the authorities pursuing his capture is unknown for now.