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Microsoft speaks on Natal pricing

To be cut over time, like a console.

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Xbox boss Robbie Bach has given the first indication of how Microsoft intends to market the Natal motion sensing device, indicating that the price will start high and reduce over time.

"Relative to Natal, we'll see how the pricing cost works out," he told an audience at Microsoft's Open House event in New York, according to Variety. "But people should expect that it will go through the usual price curve."

Bach's comment suggests that the price of Natal will be driven predominantly by the manufacturing cost of the technology - and you should be probably be braced for it to be quite expensive to begin with.

Asked when it would no longer be referred to by its Natal codename, Bach simply said, "when we tell you to call it something else."

Bach was also quizzed on Microsoft's plans - or otherwise - regarding the portable gaming market. He indicated that Microsoft had more interest in mobile phones than handheld consoles.

"So in the gaming space, you need to make a fork-in-the-road decision on whether you're going to do a portable device or focus on phones. The way technology is advancing with phones, [they are] going to be a very strong platform. The only think holding it back today is battery life."

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