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Road Rash, Flash video footage appears

Canned EA, Bottlerocket projects.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Video footage of unreleased games Road Rash and Flash (the superhero) has spilled onto the internet.

The Flash clip (on superannuation) shows the scarlet-clad hero sprinting around a cityscape, running up buildings and punching the lights out of no-gooders - zipping between so quickly he appears to teleport. Textures and cartoon-like, which suits the licence and keeps the frame-rate up.

Developer Bottlerocket was making the game, but had to pack it in when closing its doors in September, after a dirty battle with Namco Bandai over the development of Splatterhouse.

Road Rash appears in pre-visualisation form, with only the bikes and characters fleshed out - miscellaneous traffic is untextured. The clip (also on superannuation) shows the player roaring around a mountainous track, pulling competitors off bikes and hitting others with poles.

The footage is supposedly from EA Warrington. The project, however, is rumoured to have been cancelled, according to Destructoid.

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