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More AOC subs "initiatives" in pipeline

Funcom rewards vets, releases new patch.

Funcom has told Eurogamer that more Age of Conan subscription "initiatives" are planned, following the slashing of long-term memberships to the MMO.

"This is something we wanted to do to try and get more people over on longer term subscriptions," chief spokesperson Erling Ellingson revealed. "We also have a few other initiatives we want to realise to bring people over on longer subscription times, but we're not ready to reveal that just yet."

To entice commitment, a three-month subscription is now 20 per cent cheaper at £24.82; a six-month sum is 30 per cent cheaper (£43.42) and a yearly membership is 45 per cent cheaper (£68.24).

Has it helped? "I can't comment on any numbers," Ellingsen added.

Buying time now nets Veteran Points. These, alongside seasonal Halloween content and new high-level dungeon The Iron Tower, make up the Nights of the Lost Souls patch (update 5.6), released on Tuesday this week.

This patch, said Erling, has had "very, very good" feedback on the forum.

Newcomers earn 6 Veteran Points for each month you subscribe. After six months this goes up to 8 VP. That pattern - two extra Veteran Points each six-month period - continues. Examples of convenience items are Breast Enlarging for 3 VP, a Swift Horse for 85 VP and a Veteran's 35-slot Bag for 8 VP. A full list is on the AOC site.

The Iron Tower is a dungeon for levels 78 and above, and can be found in the Tarantia Commons. Bosses and rewards are on the AOC site.

The seasonal Halloween content is two solo quests and one team quest, and these offer rewards ranging from a demonic pet to a zombie-hand backscratcher. Again, descriptions and details on the AOC site.

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