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Mario shows up at Eurogamer Expo 2009

Plumbs up! We pounce.

Mario has been spotted bouncing around the Eurogamer Expo, which has opened for a second day in the centre of Leeds.

Ryan McGill: "Mario" to his friends.

Mario, also known as Ryan McGill, 22, dressed as the iconic plumber for "a dare". He wore a red jumper, dungarees, white gloves and a Mario-style hat. "A lot of people asked me to dress as him," he confessed to Eurogamer. "I had the costume, I didn't want to chicken out."

McGill, seen lingering around New Super Mario Bros. Wii, is actually here to see Left 4 Dead 2 and SAW. He's a "big fan" of Valve's work, as many Eurogamer Expo 2009 attendees appear to be.

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