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Leicester Square to host MW2 launch

UK celebs to smile for the camera.

Activision will take over Leicester Square on Monday 9th November to launch what could be the biggest game ever, Modern Warfare 2.

The ODEON cinema will host a screening of the game compered by "a celebrity fan". Could this be the return of Ian Wright, Ricky Hatton, Pat Cash and Nell McAndrew - "The Pastel Pack"?

Then, at midnight, the doors to HMV Trocadero will swing open and sales will begin. A secret VIP party in an underground bunker will also begin, starring "one of the UK's biggest male artists of 2009". Is it Dizzee Rascal? Michael Buble? Leon from last year's X-Factor?

Modern Warfare 2 goes on sale worldwide on Tuesday 10th November. That gives the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game nearly a whole week to amass top-notch figures. Not long now.

Don't forget that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Wii and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Moblized for DS launch on the same day. They're obviously different.