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Archon returning to PC after 26 years

Plus iPhone sequel to chess-like classic.

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Vintage computer game Archon is being remade for PC, 26 years after it originally appeared on 8-bit home computers, early IBM PCs and Macs as Archon: The Light and the Dark.

The combination of chess-like strategy and one-on-one action has already made its comeback on iPhone courtesy of developer React Games.

The new version will feature four-player multiplayer for the first time, characters that level up, power-ups, new board layouts, 8-bit and modern versions, achievements and online multiplayer and leaderboards.

In addition, React is working on a second iPhone Archon game, a single-player spin-off called Archon: Conquest. It has four campaigns and 60 quests, and supports Ngmoco's Plus+, giving it awards and a leaderboard. It's already been submitted to the App Store so should be released soon.

More on both at the Archon Classic site.

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