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Order GTA IV, get 1000 MS Points

Plus vouchers if you buy from HMV.

HMV is offering free stuff to anyone pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360 from its online store.

Take up the offer and you'll get 1000 Microsoft Points, equivalent to GBP 8.50 / EUR 12, plus a book of vouchers "giving you over GBP 130 worth of savings".

"If there's a better deal out there, we haven't seen it," said HMV executive Duncan La Barre.

True, GAME is only offering 500 Microsoft Points when you pre-order. However, that also applies if you're reserving the Special Edition - while HMV's offer is only good for the vanilla version. Both shops want GBP 39.99 for the vanilla.

Amazon isn't offering any free points at all, but does appear to be selling the game for a lower price than anyone else - GBP 34.99.

Buy the game for GBP 39.99 at Play.com and you'll get a pound off the strategy guide. Good one.

Grand Theft Auto IV is being released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29th.