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TiQal for Live Arcade this week

Tetris-like puzzler with a Mayan theme.

Microsoft has announced TiQal will be the Live Arcade treat this Wednesday, along with a free update for Switchball.

TiQal is a Tetris-like puzzler inspired by ancient Mayan culture. It will cost you 800 Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

The idea is to destroy enemy walls by matching squares of the same colour, unleashing magical items like spears that smash through columns or darts that delete rows.

To do this, you move your magic Dropper at the top of the screen either to the left or right and then drop the shaped blocks. You then rotate these in a familiar fashion before nestling them into place.

There are 120 levels to beat, plus co-operative and competitive modes for two players. Pop over to the official Xbox site for bundles of screenshots.

The free Switchball update will offer enhanced graphics and the possibility to achieve even higher scores.

Look out for our TiQal review later this week.

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