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No PS Store updates until April relaunch

When we can expect a "special update".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation Store will be getting a facelift in mid-April, and there will be no new updates until this happens.

"Content will be suspended for two weeks while the improvements are carried out but users can look forward to a special update in mid-April," Sony said today.

We have got three official screenshots of the Store running on PS3 to tide us over, however.

It's getting "a whole new look and feel" and this is "in response to feedback from the millions of PSN registrants in the PAL region" in a survey last year.

Apparently we wanted a "better interface and easier navigation".

So, the store is being renovated behind the scenes, but you can still use it for stuff that's already up there, and PSN accounts and wallets won't be affected.

And for the record, when we spoke to Sony just now, a spokesperson said there was no news on any changes to the PSP Store for PC, so we can assume this is all PS3 for now.

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