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Orange Box PC separates get date

Same week in US and Europe.

Valve has said it will be releasing the separate components of The Orange Box in shops from 11th April.

This only applies to the PC version, and will feature Portal as the cheapest offering at around GBP 19.99. Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2 will both be around GBP 29.99. Obviously shopping around could knock considerable margins off those prices.

Worth noting that Team Fortress 2 will include the Badlands map and you will obviously be able to grab the other recent updates for it through Steam.

The individual games have been available on Steam from launch, and their stand-alone success has prompted Valve into action.

"Given the unique nature and length of the games inside The Orange Box, the compilation approach was the right vehicle for the debut of these titles at retail," said Doug Lombardi, mouth of Valve.

"With the flexibility of having different pricing and packaging options via Steam, we were able to test the market viability of the individual products. The results show an overwhelming demand for these stand-alone offerings as well as The Orange Box. This gives us tremendous confidence as we bring gamers more ways to get these titles at retail."

Portal was our 2007 Game of the Year, with Team Fortress 2 at nine, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 at 33.

Quite good, then.

Head over to The Orange Box gamepage to find our individual reviews of each.

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