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Namco skiing game for Balance Board

We Ski. Sounds like rum.

Namco wants you to "hit the fresh powder" in its We Ski game for Wii.

It supports the fancy Balance Board and will be in US stores sometime this spring. Nintendo currently has "no plans" for it in Europe.

You and up to four others can whistle your way down pistes using the motion-sensing controls and pressure-sensitive pad, which should culminate in a super realistic you-might-as-well-be skiing experience. Cheesy grin. Tooth sparkle. Sale.

We Ski lets you whisk up a character from scratch and customise with lots of purchasable equipment, or you can import your Mii for realism. Mine looks just like me. There's all sort

Game-types look like freestyle, moguls, slaloms, photography - something for Ellie, and even night skiing where fireworks will light up the sky.

Wii Fit will be released in Europe on 25th April and cost GBP 69.99. There is no mention of the board being sold separately just yet.

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