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Eternal Sonata PS3 gets firm date

As does Family Ski & Snowboard.

Atari has whipped out the calendar and circled February dates for Eternal Sonata PS3 and Family Ski & Snowboard.

The Japanese role-playing game will be with us on 13th February, which is well over a year after the Xbox 360 release. However, developer tri-Crescendo has used the extra time productively, adding new quests, battles and even multiple endings.

Pop over to our Eternal Sonata Xbox 360 review for an idea of what to expect.

Family Ski & Snowboard - Family Ski with snowboards - arrives slightly later on 27th February following its Japanese release in November.

This sporty Wii outing uses the balance board for control in conjunction with Wiimote and nunchuk. There's also Mii avatar support and multiplayer for four people on one console.

Ellie quite liked Family Ski, if only briefly, and the promise of more content and beefier features places the sequel somewhere on our 'what else can we do with our balance board' list.

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